Roly-Polying for Villa Maria!

Roly-polying…would you or could you do it for a mile?? That’s what one of our students on the summer project to Villa Maria is doing in a bid to raise money for the project. Garion Woodcock has decided to roly-poly (forward roll) his way from Crewkerne town hall to the railway station (a distance of 1.2 […]

Please give five minutes of your time to help LTT

Pepsi in the USA have decided not to sponsor the Superbowl this year and are using the money to support charitable organisations. Each month they have a number of awards for $5,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $250,000. Our friends in the USA have submitted a project for our project partners in Tanzania – Livingstone Tanzania Trust […]

Photos from Villa Maria team on the road

Our Villa Maria team have been on the road for a few weeks now, enjoying the wonders of our expedition. Today is a rest day in the Bolivian cloud forest however, so they’ve very kindly taken the time to send a couple of photos of their exploits. The one above is taken on the magnificent […]

Bolivia Team 1 – Onto the Expedition!

The team is currently making its way along the Peruvian coastline, here’s a brief account of their first week on the road after their project: Expedition Phase 1 Blog: Here cometh the expedition; a terrifying prospect for anyone who lied a fraction about how much physical preparation they had done before hand. But fret not, […]

Malawi Update 3

The Malawi Summer Team this year have been working so hard they haven’t had time to send us an update – especially taking into account the speed of internet in Blantyre… Nevertheless, at Quest we’ve endeavoured to get some details out of them so their followers don’t feel out of the loop.  The team finished […]

Gap Year fair at Rugby School this Saturday

Rugby School is holding its annual Gap Year Fair on Saturday 29th May and Quest Overseas will be there with other Gap Year providers to answer any of your questions about your Gap Year options. Whether you would like some more information on our projects and expeditions, Africa and South America in general or even […]

Montage from our project in Peru

With our Villa Maria group having left the project last week, the local staff are getting back to the business of running the school now that term has started. Good old Lucho however took the time to put together this video, to remember the good times – thanks for a great month! Click here to apply […]

AIDS funding cuts pose problems for Africa

People suffering from HIV and AIDS in the developing world are being put at greater risk of death from the disease becuase of dwindling stocks of drugs and a decline in the amount of funding for treatment programmes. A report by The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) looked in depth at the AIDS situations in […]

Katie’s parents out in Villa Maria

The guys in Villa Maria are particularly excited at the moment, as Kevan and Penny Ashbridge have travelled out to Peru and will be visiting the many houses which have been built in their daughter’s memory. We look forward to hearing news of the goings on from their visit – watch this space!