Crazy Bolivian Salt Flat Photos

Check out some fantastic photos (like the one below) from the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia on the Times Online Travel website. This is the largest salt pan in the World and stretches to 10,582 km². The unique flat white landscape allows for some truly odd photos to be taken as all sense of perspective […]

Zimbabwe dollar no more?

Over the last two years the Zim dollar has seen an unprecedented billion percent inflation.  Recently a $100 trillion dollar note was introduced and last year ten, yes ten zeros were slashed.  This has caused chaos in a country that is already suffering.  It has meant people struggle to buy food as their money becomes […]

Toast has arrived in the Quest office!

That’s right, after 5 months of being deprived of one of the nations favourite breakfasts the Quest office can now make toast!  The XB8133 Kuhn Rikon can take up to 4 slices of thickly sliced bread at once and has a crumb tray and reheating function.  

Gorillas on the increase in DRC

Despite all the problems in the Democratic Republic of Congo, gorillas are on the increase in Virunga National Park. According to a new census carried out by the Congolese Wildlife Authority there are now 211 gorillas in DRC which is thanks to 15 years and hard effort. None more so than the rangers who patrol […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today marks the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox, which is traditionally associated with calm, fortitude and success through toil…fitting for credit crunch times! As could be expected from the birthplace of the firework – the celebrations in Beijing were spectacular, with the World’s largest uncoordinated fireworks display being […]

Goat Arrested in Nigeria

At first glance this story seems like a bit of a joke however on further discovery it only seems to highlight poor education and policing standards in Nigeria. Many Nigerians believe that magicians can change shape into goats.  The goat was brought to police by, as BBC’s Andrew Walker states, an ill-educated vigilantly squad who […]

‘Africa’ by Toto ruined!

Yes, that classic that every Quest Africa team has no doubt sung along to on numerous occasions while on projects and expeditions has been sampled for a new RnB track.  There are many covers of this iconic tune but this has to be the worst.  The remix by Karl Wolf, RnB singer from Canada has […]

An end of an era at Villa Maria

After 12 years of shenanigans in the changing rooms, Quest Volunteers will be moving to new accommodation above the school. For all you that have spent time there here are a few photos of how it looks now. Please feel free to write about any of the memories you have of the place. Be it […]