Gap Fair on Saturday – Rugby School

Andy and I will be at Rugby School on Saturday for their annual Gap Fair so do come along and say hi. The fair kicks off at 9:30am and finishes at 11:45am – directions to Rugby School can be found here! If you have any questions at all about any of our projects or expeditions, […]

Bolivia have decided to tunnel back to the Sea

Plans for a tunnel linking Bolivia to the Pacific Ocean have been unveiled by three architects who say it could put an end to a 130 year-old dispute between the landlocked country and its neighbour, Chile. The three Chilean architects claim the tunnel would allow Bolivia to regain access to the sea since it was […]

Special Internet Cafe moment

What else are you meant to do when a classic such as ‘Hero’ comes on in an Internet cafe in Babati, Tanzania? Nice one Dixon and the girls! More videos from Tanzania are coming very soon so watch this space! Want to volunteer in Tanzania in 2010?

Going Bananas for Fuel in Africa

Researchers at Nottingham University have come up with an ingenious new and sustainable source of fuel across Africa….Bananas. Bananas are an important and versatile crop across many countries in Africa, being used for food, wine and beer. However, according to the scientists for every tonne of bananas, there are an estimated 10 tonnes of waste, […]

World Mandela Day

Two charities, The Nelson Mandela Foundation and 46664, are calling for the establishment of a global “Mandela Day” to mark the former South African President’s birthday on 18th July. The charities are hosting events in New York this year but want the marking of the date to be an annual, global event. The aims of […]

Well done to Quest Marathon girls

It was a scorcher! But they all finished it, a massive well done to ex-Quest students Amy Hammond, Heather Rayment and Jenny Bloomfield for completing the 26.2 mile London Marathon yesterday. They made it look so easy, Heather was still waving at the crowds on the final straight, Amy had hardly broken into a sweat […]

Quest Overseas at yet more Gap Year Fairs

Once again we here at Quest Overseas will be at various Gap Year fairs across the southern end of the country this week. Starting with Andy and Jon at Esher College in Surrey today. They will be giving a talk as well as attending the fair from 2 – 8pm so do go and say […]

Boliva and Paraguay put a land dispute and war behind them.

Bolivia and Paraguay have signed an agreement settling a border dispute, which led to a bitter war in the 1930s. Bolivian President Evo Morales, who signed the pact in Buenos Aires with Paraguayan counterpart Fernando Lugo, described it as historic. Argentina has played a key role in resolving the dispute. Mr Morales blamed multi-national oil […]

Earth Day – What you do counts

Today, April 22 2009, is Earth Day What are you doing to save the planet? Walking to work instead of driving? Recycling more than usual? Using less water? Or simply, not leaving appliances on standby? These are the sort of questions they are asking everybody this year for Earth Day.Earth Day has grown in momentum […]

South Africa Elect

Today 23 million registered voters will decide between 156 political parties that have registered in South Africa’s 4th general election held since the apartheid era. It is likely that the ANC (African National Congress) will remain in power under the leadership of Jacob Zuma (pictured far right). Under their charismatic leader Nelson Mandela (pictured middle) […]