Time to celebrate Villa Maria 2016

  Quest Overseas, in association with our ‘Villa Maria Project’, have been in a partying mood celebrating 20 years volunteering and hard work in the densely populated slum district of Lima. Over two decades, we have provided countless children with safe and fun options to stay away from dangerous gangs, as well as built over […]

South American Exped: Week 1 Update

Its been a week of Spanish, Sucre, cerveza and salsa (among many other activities!) for our South American Exped as they settle into language lessons and the South American way of life,  big thanks to team member Ed de Winton for sharing his account of the their first week in Bolivia! Arriving After arrival into Bolivia Matty […]

Short term volunteering – a success story

In recent years there have been many examples highlighted in the press, of short term volunteering placements providing little or no support for the projects they claim to be helping. “Voluntourism” is a growing trend, and sadly much of it badly managed. This does not mean however that all short term volunteer placements are bad […]

Ethical Volunteering – 5 top tips

Want to make a difference during your trip abroad? Making sure you choose a project that makes a real positive impact can be tricky. Read on for 5 things to look out for in your search of a truly ethical volunteering experience… Partners – Does the volunteer organisation collaborate with local project partners? Are the local community […]

Travel Tip Tuesday: Water Purification

When travelling, water, or more importantly our access to it, is one of the most important things on most people’s minds. Keeping hydrated prevents such a list of ailments and problems I don’t have space to name them all! However, I cannot stress enough how drinking dirty, untreated water, can have similarly damaging results (guardia, […]

Buying your sleeping bag- a basic guide

Sleeping bags- the basics explained Down or Synthetic or a combination of the two? 1, 2, 3 or 4 season? Some of the vital questions you should ask when looking to get a new sleeping bag- here is the Quest Overseas basic guide to help you out. So you have signed up to an expedition. […]

Roll mat maintenance- TravelTipTuesday

Inflatable-roll-mats are ever popular for hikers, and for many, one of their most important pieces of kit. They are getting lighter and lighter, keep you warm but also make sure you have a comfortable night’s sleep. These modern roll mats also pride themselves on durability. After all, there is nothing worse than a pop or […]

Quest Overseas Recipe of the Week

Papas rellenas con queso: Stuffed potatoes with cheese This delicious, cheap South American street food is fantastic for those looking for a quick snack before/during/after lunch. Best fried and filled with cheese (although outside of Sucre, the Bolivia capital, it is far more common to be filled with ground meat or chicken). Total cooking time: […]

It is just a bit of mud! Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury music festival brings a few things to mind: funky fashion fads, (sometimes) fantastic live music, smelly toilets and of course MUD! This year is set for even more than before. The ground is saturated from a very wet British June with more rain predicted to fall. However, is it really that bad? ”worst mud ever’ […]

Can travelling lead to work?

6 Reasons that travel can make you more employable Final exams are coming to an end – or have already ended if you’re lucky enough! – and so many of you may be wondering “what shall I do with my newfound freedom?” Travelling and seeing a new part of the world can be a great […]