Boliva Expedition Update.

Having survived the colca canyon we were rewarded with a couple of days at the beach; we swam, ate and sunbathed (some of us a bit too much). In typical group style it took a whole day to prepare a barbecue but it was well worth it in the end. Our next stop was the […]

Pantanal – Rio team takes on the Jungle

On our 83rd day of being in Brazil we arrivewd in the national park famous for its wildlife in the South West of Brazil known as the Pantanal. We slept in hammocks in a wooden lodge beside a crocodile infested river, where tge most regular visitor was a toucan who kept us company over breakfast. […]

Expedition Start – Peru Team

Having endured a month in Villa Maria where Beer, a miscellaneous vodka & orange drink and bottles of rum had been the only alcohol available (except when Family Leechman supplied Smirnoff-always appreciated), a night of debauchary was definitely in need when we got to Miraflores. The group didn´t fail to step up. The night started […]

Vm Expedition from Chile to Bolivia

We started off our first adventure within the jungle sporting our EXTREMELY attractive jungle shirts, with the best shirts definitely going to Emma, and Fred, with Emma´s looking like a grandmothers table cloth and set of curtains, and Fred looking like a 75yr old man attempting to look young and play golf! Rob´s shirt would […]

Vm expedition From Peru into Chile

Arrived in Chile and decided that Arica was the Chilean equivalent of Slough. Sat around being shat on by birds and eating lots of icecream..things got worse (!) when we were rudely awoken by Chilean border control deciding it was necessary for us to take our bags off and back on the bus at 2 […]

Villa Maria Expedition Update part 2

Sunday was a fairly early start for a day of ice climbing. Feelings were mixed about it in the group, many people apprehensive about what was to come. When we arrived we were immediately hit by the altitude, and so the idea of an hour walking uphill to get to the start wasn´t appreciated. We […]

Rio team update

Lencois/ Diamantina After a long, but eventful bus journey from the surfing town of Itacare we arrived in the scenic town of Lencois. Having checked into the hostel we met Puma, our guide, who briefed us on the plan for the forthcoming trek. Our 4×4 dropped us in what was the ´middle of nowhere´ and […]

Yachana update minus a photo!!! Tim sort it out!

We arrived at the airport at 4 am. Tired. After several games of Uno, we finally found Sophie wandering around the airport looking lost. Four of us got upgraded to business plus due to good looks and charm. The two ugly ones remained in economy surrounded by screaming children. Wondered out into Quito. Met some […]

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