Sam’s “alternative” Bolivia Salt Flats Update

We encourage our team members to keep the masses updated with the odd blog entry about their adventures. Some posts are more detailed than others, this latest one, from Andean Exped member Sam, falls into the “less detailed” category! Before this is read Toby has to be introduce/explained. He is a loved member of the […]

News from the Malawi Summer Project team!!

We have finally heard from our Malawi Summer team who joined the project in Chilaweni on the 17th July, here’s what they’ve been up to: Upon arrival we were greeted with a big welcome ceremony, where we had the great privilege of performing the “cup song”, which (unsurprisingly) was very funny! At least 1000 people turned […]

Andean Expedition Team – Gastro Update

Our Andean Expedition team have been out on the road for over three weeks now, however they’ve been having so much fun we’ve only just managed to get them to send us an update! Thanks to Clare Hirons for this gem – more to come! Considering food relates to 40% of our conversations out here […]

Where were you for the 2015 Champions League Final?

Where were you for the 2015 Champions League Final? By Matty Sowinski-Brown On 6th June 2015 the seemingly inevitable took place- the attacking dominance of Barcelona´s team triumphed against their wild card finalist opponents, Juventus. Even if not a fan of the beautiful game, you would have heard that this game was to be watched […]

More news from our guys in Bolivia – keep up the good work!

An account from Will about their construction work. Construction Project at Ambue Ari Our small group of myself, Hannah, Ollie and Matty as our project and expedition leader made our long journey to Parque Ambue Ari and were soon set to work with the construction phase of our month volunteering. Unlike most quest groups, we […]

News from the jungle – Bolivia Gap team working hard

After a long stint without contact with the outside world, our Bolivia gap team are out of the forest and have plenty to say! Thanks to Ollie for the update below: Following 2 challenging but well rewarding weeks of construction, building a management cage for a stunning jaguar called Amira, we found out what animals […]

Latest from our Villa Maria team – thanks Isabelle

As they start on their expedition, we have a brief update from Isabelle as they take a short stop for breath! It’s hard to believe we only began the expedition a week ago. Already we’ve ventured from the coast to the desert and into the mountains, and had countless adventures along the way. While it […]

Becky’s Arrival – Villa Maria Gap 2015

I arrived as the second last member of the team on a Saturday afternoon while we were having a day off. The rest of the group had gone swimming earlier that afternoon for the first time, and were drying off as I got in. Pretty quickly I experienced my first dance rehearsal. Thankfully, due to […]

Andean Expedition – Time to Breathe!

Three weeks summarised in a couple of paragraphs, here we go! Three weeks in and we’ve done so much and covered so many miles.  Visiting the Quest Villa Maria project in Lima was really eye opening and great to see the impact that the project is having. After exploring Lima and visiting ballestas Islands we […]

Hello from Malawi!

Hello from Malawi!! Almost into our last week of Malawi and we are all still having an amazing time! We have almost finished refurbishing the feeding centre and its kitchen and the boys have been keeping up their carpentry skills with refurbishing the desks for the primary school. The villagers are extremely friendly and always […]